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 More than 3 decades, we have been in wood processing industry starting on sawmilling business to supply in wide range of wood productivity industry. Every piece of our woods is pressured, preserved and pre-treated with highly standardized facilities. 

We ensure that our timbers possess the best protection against wood decay and fungi as our timbers pass through kiln dry steam sterilized by streaming boiler. 
We are firmly committed ourselves to develop our business to strive for the best quality, consequently; we have attained many certificates such as ISO 9001: 2008, ISO14001:2004 as for our Environmental Management. We firmly emphasize for the quality management for our products by obtaining the certificate of ISPM15 from International Plant Protection Convention (IPPC). Our culture and activities embrace innovation that is the principle driving of growth; simultaneously, we are realized that our dedicated staffs are the most important key to drive our business efficiency as well, therefore; Health and safety Management is prior considered that we have continually been associated with EICC for our staffs training program. 

We currently concentrate in sustainable business management. We are looking for providing the plantation to be as our stable sources for supplying our own raw materials as for long term and for materials security and control system. Owing to our expanding business in wood industry such as sawed wood for housing business, wood pallet for packaging industry and wood pellet for power plant, so we need plantation for the source sustainable management as the reason of materials stable supplying and it would be the way of seeking different perspective and new opportunity for our business too. 
Mission Statement

We believe innovation as the master key to strive growth, our culture embrace creativity, seek different perspectives and listen to all idea and viewpoint, encourage new opportunity and we constantly searching for new ways to make it better and learn from our success and mistakes.

Corporate scope;
we give our best services and products in wood processing industry, starting on sawmill to support varies in wood industry consumption and constantly seeking for new opportunity in wood business in all kinds of wood productivity industry with the best quality as to horizontal business expansion. 


Corporate Policies;

Concentrate in quality and services
Teamwork playing in all of our business sections
Continuing System development and to meet with satisfaction of beyond customer’s expectation.

Corporate strategy;
Our strategy is simple and practicable ways by the means of “SMART” concepts. We start with Sensible business only that should be Measurable and Achievable way of the business. We embrace for only Realistic business that can strive of the success. And it is based onto the real situation, marketable trend is also essential for the success. And then all projects /business should be in fixed schedule as to our last concept of Time specific. The strategy is firmly committed by us for the standard of strategy implementation Circle PLAN DO CHECK ACT and the concepts are converted to our business that it keeps our business perpetual existence for more than 40 years. 

70% of our raw materials are imported from our long term supplier in New Zealand for more than 10 years. And then go on our wood processing into the request of our customers while the rest raw material is available from local. Most of our raw materials are sawed log in various trees genus such as pine, oaks, rubber tree, teak and hard wood etc.
Our wood processing products are used in much wood industry such as housing business, wood pallet for packaging industry that we can produce our product on to customer ‘s orders as well.